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“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference,
in 30 you’ll have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates

Katie’s Pilates – unique, fun workouts that fuses fitness techniques from Body conditioning & Pilates to help tone, chisel and define the whole body. And get this…. you don’t need any Pilates experience, the classes welcome all levels and you will be pushed individually depending on your level.

Katie’s Pilates is a perfect combination of strength and flexibility exercises with added cardio to burn fat fast. You will experience the amazing physical and mental benefits of Pilates. With an emphasis on breath, core conditioning and body awareness – it is an effective way to stretch and strengthen your body making it more streamline.

Performed on a mat, Pilates is a fitness regime for a lifetime. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, sport, rehab and life, Pilates will leave you toned, feeling revitalised and moving with ease.

Katie’s Pilates goal is to make Pilates accessible for every body, to keep Pilates fun in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Booking a session

“I believe a regular commitment to Pilates is rewarded with total body strength and stamina that’s fit for life"


Matwork Classes

My matwork classes take you and your body through a series of controlled, intelligently choreographed exercises designed to strengthen and tone the muscles, mobilise the joints, increase movement efficiency and build stamina.
Matwork classes are led by Katie Francesca and team (see profile), Katie’s Pilates Director and Pilates Instructor who ensures personal attention, tailored repertoire and skill-progression for all clients.
To book into a class for the first time please contact Katie direct to reserve your space and to find out which class is best suited. (sometimes Katie's Pilates ends up in the junk mail folder, so do double check, as Katie always replies to emails on the same day) However, here is the booking link meanwhile: https://bookwhen.com/katiespilates
Katie looks forward to helping you discover a happier, healthier new lifestyle!



Prices -

PLEASE NOTE - if you mix and match classes, the price will adjust accordingly but you do still get a discount!

£9-£12 Pilates *6 class block = £45-£55*

£13 Physio led Pilates *6 class block = £65

£12 Barre Pilates (Pilates and Ballet fused, including work on the floor and at the ballet barre) *6 class block = £60*

£14 Pregnancy Pilates *6 class block = £70*

£12 Postnatal Pilates Mum and Baby *6 class block = £60*

£8 Buggylates (Pilates outside with the buggy)

£5 Stretch-Out (30mins of pure stretching)

£8.50 Kids Pilates

CANCELLATION POLICY - please get in touch with Katie to find out the details

My Pilates classes focus on strengthening the deep abdominal muscles that support the spine and pelvis, facilitating stability and efficient, coordinated movement of the limbs. Using the body’s weight as natural resistance, muscle groups are strengthened and lengthened equally, restoring balance and releasing unwanted tension. All exercises can be adapted to greater or lesser intensity.
Mums-to-be, post-natal clients and clients referred to Pilates by a healthcare professional are advised to contact Katie direct first to find out which class is suited to you.

10.30am Buggylates (Post Natal Pilates outside) with Katie
6.25pm Pilates with Katie
6.30pm Mindfulness session for the mind AND body
7.30pm Stretch-Out with Anna
7.35pm Prenatal Pregnancy Pilates only with Katie
7.45pm Pilates in STREATHAM with Meredith
8.05pm Pilates with Anna

Tuesday @ BALHAM
10.00am Post Natal Pilates Barre (Baby wearing optional) with Meredith
10.50am Post Natal Pilates Mum and Baby with Katie
10.00am Post Natal Pilates Mum and Baby with Anna in TOOTING BROADWAY
10.50am Post Natal Pilates Mum and Baby with Anna in TOOTING BROADWAY
6.40pm Pilates with Anna
7.00pm Physio led Pilates with Tejal in TOOTING BROADWAY
7.45pm Pilates with Anna
7.45pm Pilates in STREATHAM with Meredith

9.00am Pilates with Anna
10.05am Post Natal Pilates Mum and Baby with Katie
10.55am Post Natal Pilates Mum and Baby with Katie
6.30pm Pilates with Anna
6.30pm POP UP PILATES 45mins (enquire to find out details)
7.35pm Prenatal Pregnancy Pilates only with Katie
7.35pm Pilates/Yoga Fusion - perfect for Beginners with Anna

10.30am Post Natal Pilates Mum and Baby in STREATHAM with Anna
7.00pm Pilates with Katie
7.00pm Barre Pilates with Anna

10.00am Kids Pilates age 2-4 years old
10.45am Kids Pilates 2-4 years old

9.45am Pilates with Anna
10.00am Barre Core with Bridget @ BALHAM
10.45am Pilates with Katie


Group classes - Tone, Sculpt and Relax with friends…

I can set-up Pilates classes exclusively for you. Classes can take place in your living room, gym, park, church hall – you pick the venue. My classes can accommodate a minimum of 4 and maximum of 16 people. Contact me to arrange your ultra-personalised Pilates matwork class.

One on one sessions

Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing Pilates for some years, a 1:1 session allows you to focus on the more challenging principles and exercises in depth, which will help you and your body progress even more in a group class. These private sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and can be booked as a one-off (£45), a block of 3 (£120), or a block of 6 (£230), or a block of 10 (£360) *CANCELLATION POLICY - 24hours notice otherwise full price of the session is charged*..

Pilates for beginners

A more traditional mat-work class focusing on Joseph Pilates' 34 exercises - using the art of controlled movement - which should look and feel like a workout (not a therapy) when properly manifest. This is a slower paced session for absolute beginners, or for those looking to brush up on technique to compliment another Katie's Pilates class. If practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. This class puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. Pilates allows for different exercises to be modified, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The exercise's intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises.

Pregnancy classes

Pilates is a perfect form of exercise during your pregnancy for both you and your growing baby. Katie will work with you to set a foundation in deep abdominal strength to support your baby. Pilates is suitable to do right up until the birth, but the pace will adapt as your pregnancy progresses. Pilates does not put strain on the joints or back, it infact strengthens your back, stomach and muscles around the pelvic area - there is a huge focus on the mind & body connection in Pilates - allowing an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery. There is a focus on breath control during the class which will also aid labour. Katie has been pregnant herself, so she has a full understanding of exactly what it feels like, the emotions involved, the forever changing body and the potential aches & pains. Katie's classes for pregnancy include stretches or moves that can help ease discomfort and maintain good posture which can be lost due to the added weight. Pilates helps keep the body strong and prepares the body to hold certain positions for a length of time which again will aid labour. Katie will run through the importance of keeping a strong pelvic floor and how to exercise this area. These classes are suitable for 2nd and 3rd trimester. This is a lovely way to meet other local mums to be, and often Katie will initiate meet ups pre and post baby in the local area.

Mum & Baby classes

Katie's Post natal classes - please get in touch directly with Katie regarding your return to exercise post birth. You must get the go-ahead from your health professional after your 6 week check up. (If you have had a Caesarian section, it is likely to be a bit longer) These classes are 45mins long and it is the mum's 45min to exercise and focus on themselves with the comfort of having their baby next to them. No need for child care! As a new mum, it is so very important to make time to focus on yourself, breath and be still. Katie will spend time addressing any post baby tummy issues and cover exercises specific to post c-section. The class will cover the pelvic floor connection, stretches to ease any back/shoulder pain and of course focus on regaining core strength. This class is a great way to meet other local parents and the babies tend to enjoy the music!

Pilates Barre Core classes

Pilates meets Ballet (please note, no Ballet/dance experience required) These classes integrate the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape muscles. The non-impact, one-hour workout uses both the Ballet barre and the mat, and targets all major muscle groups (in particular the legs and butt). This workout strengthens the muscles, they are then stretched to help create a longer, leaner physique. This is a fun, upbeat, cardio workout.

What to wear and other Pilates essentials

• Please wear comfortable clothing, easy to move in.
• Pilates can be performed in socks or bare feet. Bare foot training is better if possible, this is to strengthen the muscles in your feet, as your feet are the foundation and support for your skeletal structure. Next to the spine, the foot contains the second largest number of proprioceptive sensory receptors in the body, giving consistent, constant feedback related to your spatial body position, alignment and safety.
• Bring a mat if you have one – otherwise Katie has a few spare
• Don’t eat a heavy meal before your Pilates workout
• Don’t attempt Pilates under the influence of any drug that affects your concentration, illness or fatigue, or alcohol
• Bring water, it is important to stay hydrated before, during and after class

Teacher Profile

Katie Francesca trained as a professional dancer, graduating with a BA Hon's degree in 2005. Katie first experienced the benefits of Pilates during her dance career, attending regular studio and mat work classes which kept her lean, strong and prepared for the athletic and intensive demands of a dancer’s life. Then, after a long 8 years of working in an office job, Katie returned to Pilates for pleasure and to restore strength, back health and posture…lost through sitting at a desk everyday! Her passion for Pilates led her to set up Katie’s Pilates.
Born in the United Kingdom, Katie began studying dance at the tender age of three. After successfully completing her studies, she has embarked on a career of Pilates and Body conditioning.

Katie has made it her mission to guide and motivate people –

“I’ve always loved to dance, its part of who I am and always will be. I have set up Katie’s Pilates because of the cross-training involved, I love how it targets us mentally and physically, improving our balance, posture, breathing and full body strength. I love the fact anyone can do this – my classes are full of all ages, male and female and capabilities – this makes it an open diverse environment. I believe Pilates is an investment in living and ageing well.“




Exercise to Music Certification 2012
Body Control Pilates Matwork Certification 2012
Pregnancy (Pre and Post Natal) Pilates Certification 2014
Body Control Pilates Small Mat Equipment Certification 2014
Dance and Culture degree, 2:1 BA 2005
Member of the Register of Exercise REP
Qualified First Aider with St John Ambulance 2014


Katie's Pilates Team


Anna Noonan:

Anna received her early training in classical ballet, branching into contemporary and choreography. She undertook full-time dance training at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia graduating with a Bachelor of Dance in 2010. Since graduating Anna has worked free-lance as a dancer, teacher and choreographer both in the United Kingdom and in her home country New Zealand. She has practiced Pilates alongside her dance training for many years finding it to be an excellent support in developing and enhancing core strength, specificity and tone as well as being brilliant in both injury prevention and rehabilitation. In 2015 she trained with the Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio and qualified as a Pilates Matwork teacher. Anna has been with Katie's Pilates for over a year now and is loving teaching Pilates and sharing it’s benefits with others.


Meredith Anderson:

Meredith Anderson is a Fletcher Pilates Professional Teacher, dance instructor, performer and choreographer. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, she moved to Toronto, Ontario, to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours specialization in Dance, from York University and stayed to pursue a professional dance career. She discovered Pilates as a means to maintain her strength and flexibility. Receiving her Professional Qualification from Fletcher Pilates in 2015 Meredith worked at studios around Toronto. Meredith is an experienced teacher in both dance and Pilates, working with students of all ages and abilities from beginners looking to add movement and fitness into their life to professionals who move for a living including dancers from the National Ballet of Canada. Meredith recently relocated to London and looks forward leading others to find the benefits of Pilates to improve their strength, posture and well-being.

Why Pilates

Did you know Pilates builds strength and stamina without adding bulk.

Did you know Pilates works the entire body. Every part of your body is recruited into every single exercise!

Why Pilates?


The legacy of Joseph Pilates, a German émigré to New York in the 1920s, the classical Pilates matwork programme is a complete body-mind workout that requires intense strength, flexibility, precision of movement and stamina. Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise that stretches, strengthens and tones the muscles to create a lean silhouette and transform poor posture.
Katie’s Pilates sessions allow any body to progress safely and effectively towards Joseph Pilates’ original work. Once you’ve mastered the basic principles, Pilates can be done at home, at work, in the park, at the gym or even pushing a trolley around a supermarket!
It’s the accessibility of Pilates that is appealing – no expensive equipment required, just an exercise mat, clean floor and an hour of your time per week!

Who chooses Pilates?


People from all walks of life choose Pilates - anyone can do it!
Movement specialists, including actors, athletes and dancers include Pilates in their training regimes to enhance their physical performance.
Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and GPs recommend Pilates for rehabilitation after injury and to manage chronic pain caused by mechanical dysfunction of the muscles.
Mums-to-be choose Pilates as safe and effective exercise throughout the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and for restoring abdominal strength and tone after childbirth.

Pilates tips and tricks


- Contract your abs while maintaining the neutral spine position. If you have attended Katies Pilates classes, you hear her say “belly button to spine.” That phrase describes the kind of ab activation you want to feel as you move through the various exercises.

- Start with the basics. It can be easy, especially if you are already physically fit, to aim for the stars and try intermediate or advanced exercises. First class with Katie, go for the easier option always. Joseph Pilates developed this method with a progression in mind. Start at the beginning and work your way up. Concentrate on getting your form clean and precise. Then, move on to harder things.

- Take breaks when necessary.

- Avoid quick, jerky movements. Every movement should be slow and flowing.

- For the best results, do Pilates 2-4 times a week.

- Pilates can help balance your sleep patterns. The emphasis on breathing and body awareness can regulate your inner clock so that you sleep better.

Did you know, that one hour of Pilates burns calories all day long!

Pilates caters to everyone – there is a common misconception that Pilates is only for women. Pilates was invented by a man and helps one and all!

Maintenance Videos

Password protected videos to keep you practicing in between classes. Please get in touch to find out more.


"I was looking for a Pilates class to help with lower back problems and Katie's Pilates fit the bill! Her classes are welcoming and relaxing but push you enough for you to feel like you've really worked out. It's been nearly a year since my first Katie's Pilates class and I've really noticed the difference classes have had to my overall body strength as well as mental health. I'm now lower back pain free and better able to manage stress! Hoorah!"



“Pilates is strangely very addictive. Before I started taking classes I had many preconceived ideas about it and these have all been smashed to smithereens by brilliant Katie who is vey passionate and an incredibly informative and encouraging practitioner… go take classes with her now."



"I started Katies Pilates over a year ago to help with recovery from illness and soon became addicted. The difference felt after just a few weeks is really noticeable; better posture, balance and support sounds cheesy for a bloke but is true. Regular classes now form a key part of my training for middle and long distance Ironman triathlons, with the noticeable core strength, flexibility and condition gains transferring to the pool, bike and running track. And the classes are fun too, no doubt down to the welcoming and professional Katie herself."

Richard M


"Similar to Katie I trained as a dancer but have since moved to an office job. I wanted to find a great pilates teacher that was not only local but also pushed my body, and reminded it how to work properly again. Her classes really are a breath of fresh air compared to previous teachers, and I can feel my body changing and becoming stronger week by week.
I was quite hesitant in writing this reference as I selfishly dont want people to find out about how amazing Katie's classes are, and for them to be kept just for the lucky people of SW London. She is far too good to be kept a secret though."

Kate B


"Loving it! I am one of Katie's newbies having only joined her classes a few weeks back. As a woman in her mid-fifties I was a little nervous about taking up a new exercise after some rather lazy years but Katie has made the whole experience very rewarding . She is professional and very welcoming no matter what your ability and I already feel some of my aches and pains diminishing. I can see Pilates becoming a regular part of my life!"

Philippa H


"I am 100% hooked on these classes; Katie's clear and simplified instructions are easy to follow, she has a knack of making me push myself in each class and I always leave feeling energised and pleased with the constant body strength improvement"

Philippa Williams


"I've suffered from back problems for several years and sought out Katie for some Pilates lessons. Not only has my core significantly strengthened and pain subsided since starting but my overall physique has improved. I always leave a session feeling like I've had a proper workout in a pain free environment and motivated to live healthier."

Dominic G


"Katie's classes are both fun and rewarding. There are always new challenges every week to keep things interesting and Katie is great at motivating you to push yourself a bit harder every week. I've tried other classes but these are definitely the best by far and I would highly recommend."

Sarah Burton


"I have been doing Katie's Pilates for over 6 months now. I wanted to find something local that was more fun than just going to the gym. So happy that I found this class. With some exercise classes I've done in the past, I've dreaded going after a long day at work. But with this class I always look forward to going. The classes are fun but challenging and I leave the class feeling energised. Katie is a great instructor, there's good music - I have already recommend the classes to friends at work who also really enjoy going!"

Jess Manners


"Katie's Pilates classes are really good fun but you still walk away feeling like you've finished a good work out. I'd recommend the classes to anyone, at any level as all of the moves can be adjusted. If you're new to pilates, you begin to feel the benefits after the very first class. Give it a go and you'll be converted for life!"



"I am fairly new to Katie's classes and enjoy them hugely. There's a good atmosphere and you are welcome whatever your level. I particularly like being able to attend on a drop in basis."

Ann Aitken-Davies


"I joined Katie’s Pilates on a bit of a whim having never done Pilates before. We were in a small studio in Tooting with around 6 people coming to the class each week. Within a year, word has spread and now she is running numerous classes a week, sometimes two in a day, and they are often oversubscribed (and they say most business fail in their first year). On a personal note I am stronger, healthier and lighter than I was a year ago. I have also met some fantastic people who I regularly have passionate Pilates conversations with. The classes are always evolving and I have watched many newbies struggle in the first few weeks and jump for joy after 10 weeks when they realise they are one of the regulars. Pilates is a low impact way of quickly improving health, balance and flexibility no matter what your age or previous exercise regime and it is also really good fun."

Lucy Raymond


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